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Home staging is the "Added value" and "Competitive edge". This art goes beyond enhancing or cleaning. When a property is staged it becomes a commodity or product and for homes to sell & hold their value they have to be successfully packaged and marketed.​


Sellers hire us if they are serious about selling their property. We all appreciate beauty and understand the concept of having that "Competitive edge". The way we live in our homes & the way we sell them are very different. Selling a home involves it being appealing to the majority of buyers inevitably inviting more offers. ​

We offer staging of select areas using only the finest brands in our industry including artwork, grand collector pianos, unique pieces from highly regarded artists from around the globe. 


The methods we use in order to attain our goals vary depending on the homes we are commissioned to stage and market. The variation depends of course on the style of the property, the price point and neighborhood it is located in among other factors.

Our main approach is as meticulous as it is simple and minimalist. After all we are here to showcase the property's best features and bring to light the lifestyle aspect of the product at hand.

It all starts with a site visit by our design team where we assess the workload needed to complete the task and any home improvements, renovations and "hard" work recommendations by our experts shall be fractured separately prior to the home staging process.

The rest of the work flow involves furniture and accessories sourcing, interior design of spaces as proposed by the design team. Once the design aspect is accomplished (this should take no longer than 3 weeks) we plan the "open house" in collaboration with our partners in the real estate and lifestyle industries. 


We enjoy close collaborations and partnerships with top level marketeers and event planners as well as relevant PR companies and these partnerships are brought together in order to sell your property to the right and deserving buyer. 

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